Super Diamond Mine Slot Machine

Super Diamond Mine Slot Machine Description and Objective
Super Diamond Mine is a 5-reel game, and to view the pay table you must click on the Pay Table button located next to the red Cash Out button on the lower left side of the machine. It may be played in denominations of $.01, $.05, $.25, $.50, $1, and $5.

To play, put money in the machine by clicking on the chips in the lower right corner and press Bet Max. This will play the maximum bet (9 paylines and 45 coins), giving you the maximum chance to win and automatically spins the reels. If youd like to play fewer lines or fewer coins per line, just select the lines you want by using the Select Lines and Bet One buttons. When you have the bet youd like, just press Spin, and wait for a win.

The game includes a cascading diamond accumulator and a bonus game where the player finds bonus wins in mine entrances scattered across a hillside. When diamonds appear on any spot on the wheel, they cascade in the direction they are pointing. If a diamond pointing down appears on the top line of the wheel, the diamond will cascade down and also appears behind each of the other symbols on that reel. Diamonds appear on the paytable as wins and each diamond that appears on any played line is also added to a dynamite meter. When this dynamite meter reaches 99, the gnome miner will ignite the dynamite, the screen explodes and the Super Diamond Mine bonus round begins. In the bonus game, the player chooses the mine entrance that they feel will provide the highest bonus amount and player will win an amount relative to their total bet on spin. Once a player chooses a losing mine entrance, the mine will cave in and the bonus amount that the player has accumulated up to that point is added to the players balance. A caustic goat will provide commentary during the bonus round. Once the bonus game ends, the player is brought back to the game and the dynamite meter is set to zero.

All of the pays can be won on any part of the payline as long as the player has made a bet on that payline. To see what each combination pays, just click on the Pay Table button.

Super Diamond Mine Slot Machine Preview

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